Facts of life

The facts of life

Ageing is a fact of life everyone has to face. Our society isn’t always as kind to the aged as traditional societies where ‘wise elders’ are revered. We believe the stereotypes are starting to break down a little and older people are beginning to reclaim their right to be able to live their lives to their full potential even in their older years.

It’s certainly a fact that most people have more physical and cognitive challenges to overcome in their later years – and it’s a fact that there’s still a lot we don’t understand about ageing.

It’s also a fact that medical resources and medical students tend to favour the specialties focused on the younger life stages.

This section of the website offers resources to help you discover the facts and figures of ageing and also features some insights to help break down age discrimination.

“The overarching message is optimistic: with the right policies and services in place, population ageing can be viewed as a rich new opportunity for both individuals and societies.” 

World Report on Ageing and Health, World Health Organisation 2015

More facts of ageing Australia

  • Most people today can expect to spend a third of their lives over 60.
  • By 2050 almost 1 million people will be living with dementia.
  • Around one-third of older people live outside major urban areas.
  • One-quarter of older people live alone.
  • One-quarter of the 65-69 age group still does paid work