Leave the world a better place

When you make a will, you naturally think of your family and loved ones first but many people also like to leave a bequest for a charity as a legacy for the future.

If you leave a bequest for Aegium Foundation, you will be helping to secure better health and more potential for future generations of older people – perhaps your own children and grandchildren when they reach an older age.

It’s simple to write or amend a will to include Aegium Foundation – please contact us for the Foundation’s formal details to include – and always ask your solicitor’s advice when making a will.

A bequest to Aegium Foundation is invested so the income continues to make a difference for older people and continues your generosity for lifetimes to come.

Your bequest will make more possible

  • Better health and life participation for older Australians.
  • Potential treatments or cures for widespread degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s.
  • New technology and systems to give older Australians bolder possibilities.
  • The ability for more older Australians to make a valuable contribution through their wisdom and experience.