Launch of new name, brand and logo for quiet achiever

Under the name of ‘The Geriatric Medical Foundation of Queensland’ one of Queensland’s most visionary charities achieved a lot in its first 30 years. But times change, competition for the charity dollar is stronger than ever and the word ‘geriatric’ doesn’t have a lot of appeal for anyone – least of all those to whom it is applied!

The charity understood it needed to position itself more effectively and communicate its mission with greater impact in order to make an even bigger difference for older Australians.

In June 2016, the charity is launching its new name and a totally refreshed brand with a striking new logo. It is also making its mission and achievements much clearer on a vibrant and informative new website.

The new name Aegium Foundation will now be the charity’s official name. Not without regrets, it has also said goodbye to its traditional Moreton Bay Fig logo, which served it well for many years, in favour of a colourful new logo which symbolises the brand’s essential values and qualities in a more contemporary way.

Chairman of the Aegium Foundation Board, Robert Savage AM, said this signals the most significant change for the organisation since its founding in 1986.

“When The Geriatric Medical Foundation of Queensland was founded by Freemasons Queensland it was a move of considerable foresight before people were really talking about an ageing population and the need to improve health and participation possibilities for older people.

“After having achieved some exceptional outcomes on a relatively modest donation base, we are now poised to be able to make an even bigger difference,” Mr Savage said.

“We are hoping to find more corporate partners, philanthropists and everyday donors who are inspired by creating bolder possibilities for our older years.”

The rebranding development and design has been undertaken in collaboration with Brisbane branding consultants, Lloyd Grey.

Meaning of the name:

Aegium. ‘Ae’ from the Latin word aevum, originally signifying “age”or “everlasting time” + ‘ium’ a suffix found on nouns borrowed from Latin, sometimes used to infer ‘scale’... emporium, auditorium, symposium.

Logo symbolism:

The multi-faceted design of the logo symbolises both a fresh perspective on ageing and a scientifically-based focus such as one seen through the lens of a microscope. Within the layers of colour, there is a distinct ‘eye’ shape – the eye of visionary thinking and a subtle acknowledgement of one of the symbols of Freemasonry to acknowledge the charity’s founders and continuing supporters.